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Introduction to Digital Circuits (ECED2200)

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Textbook & Other Resources

The recommended text is "Bebop to the Boolean Boogie" by Clive Maxfield. This book is enjoyable to read (as far as digital logic books go) and will be an excellent reference. You can buy it from e.g.: Amazon.ca or Amazon.com, however at Dalhousie (and probably other universities) you have access to the electronic edition for free.

You may access it using the following link: Should work when ON university Campus. If you aren't at a university yourself, you might be able to access this resource by using a computer in the library if they provide open access.

I have been told that the Kindle edition of this book has low-quality figures. You can try the Google Play version if you want an E-Book if your institution doesn't provide access.

You may also find the following useful:
Asic-World Digital Logic Tutorial
Fpga4Fun - Programmable logic intro

Course Notes

A version of the course notes is available: ECED2200 Course Notes

Hardware Required

The labs in this course use my Binary Explorer boards. You can see lots more tutorials and information linked form that site.

Some Useful Resources for the Hardware

Most Blocks available in Xilinx ISE for CPLD
Additional Blocks you can use: TTL ones

Colin's Lecture Material

NoTopicSlidesVideosOther Material
1Introduction, Gates, Number SystemsSlides 11: Introduction & Gates2: Number Systems3: Summary
2Adding/Subtracting in Binary, Signed NumbersSlides 11: Lecture2: Summary
3Boolean AlgebraSlides 21: Lecture2: Summary
4Canonical FormsSlides 21: Lecture2: Summary
5Adders & SubtractorsSlides 31: Lecture2: Summary
6Karnaugh Maps (K-Maps)Slides 41: Lecture2: Summary
7K-Maps with Equations, Gate Time Delay, HazardsSlides 4 Slides 51: Lecture 2: Summary
8Multiplexers and DemultiplexersSlides 61: Lecture2: Summary
9AProgrammable LogicSlides 71: Lecture
9BSequential Logic #1Slides 81: Lecture 2: Summary
10ASequential Logic #2Slides 82:Summary
10BRegisters, Shift Registers, Serial ProtocolsSlides 92:Summary
11Counters & Counter DesignSlides 101:Lecture
12Finite State MachineSlides 111:Lecture 2:Summary
13HDL & VHDLSlides 121:LectureMealyVHDL MooreVHDL Project_Files
14Course Review Part 1 1:Lecture
15Course Review Part 2 1:Lecture
16Course Review Part 3 1:Lecture

Course Notes

Extensive course notes (>200 pages) are published for use with this course. Note they are not CC licensed and may not be reproduced. See: Download Course Notes


The lab report format is described in this document. Some labs only require a simple fill-in-the-blanks report which you can download from this website.

Lab NumberLab NameLab InstructionsRequired FilesVideosIntro Slides
1Basic Gates: Breadboard, Simulator, and Programmable1:Procedure
2:Hand In
1:BORA Eraser
2:Example Project File
Part 1
Part 2
2Arithmetic Elements1:ProcedureLab 2 ISE Project (Digital Trainer Files) Part 1Slides
3Encoders, Decoders, and Mux1:Procedure
Lab 3 ISE Project (Digital Trainer Files) Part 1
4Flip Flops, Registers1: Procedure 2:Observations DocxLab 4 ISE Project (Digital Trainer Files) Part 1
Part 2
5Shift Registers & Serial Protocols1: Procedure
3: Observations
Lab 5 ISE Project (Digital Trainer Files)
6Counters, Pulse Width Modulation1: ProcedureLab 6 ISE Project (Digital Trainer Files)
7 No Lab 7

Specific Material & Due-Dates (possibly irrelevant)

The follwing material is only valid if you are taking a summer course taught by me.

Course Syllabus

Please download the 2013 Summer Course Syllabus to see expected lecture dates & due dates.


You can work on the following assignments as you progress through the course material. Try not to look at the solutions until you've attempted the assignment or you'll lose out on the value!

Assignment LinkDue DateSolutions
Assignment 1July 9,2013Solutions
Assignment 2July 16,2013Solutions
Assignment 3July 23,2013Solutions
Assignment 4July 30,2013Solutions
Assignment 5Aug 6,2013Solutions

Final Exam

Reference Material for Exam (Cheat Sheet)
Information on Exam Format & Coverage

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