Intel LGA1700 (12th/13th gen, i9 3900k) Top Resistors/Capacitors

If you’re a bit careless with your CPU (especially if e.g., delidding it) you can knock these resistors off the topside. From measuring a known-good device (but without removing them) I measured the following values as a reference:

i9 13900K image source:

These all appear to be 0402 sized resistors.

If you do damage them, the best source would be another 12th/13th gen device, as they look to be identical. You could find a used/defective low-performance device and use that to get resistors/capacitors.

As I couldn’t measure the capacitor without removing it I don’t know it’s value. I may eventually remove some from a device & will update this when I do.

I needed this information as I knocked the 100R resistor off an i9 13900K. As a quick experiment/fix, as I didn’t have an 100R 0402 on-hand, I used two 48-ohm 0603 in series and it actually POSTed just fine:

Not the best.

However this was just a quick hack test before ordering a replacement resistor from digikey. I used a 0.5% resistor, but because I’m not 100% confident on the measurements (they could be e.g. 49.9R, 48.something ohm, etc) it’s probably a waste.

The 50/100/150 ohm resistors are most likely termination resistors for high-speed signals, which may require more power dissipation than they want/can do on-die. The 2.2K resistors may be just pull-ups.

WARNING: The information here could be wrong, the values are a bit of a best-guess based on nearest mapping of common values.

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