Electronics Projects

This page holds some various electronics projects I’ve done. Over time more of these have transitioned to being just a blog post or on youtube, or being commercial projects (which aren’t posted here). So this list gets a little lean in later years! Currently you have to see details on the old website at http://colinoflynn.com/oldsite, as I haven’t uploaded details here!

See the blog tag feature (try the ‘making’ tag for example) to see some of the blog projects.

ChipWhisperer – 2013-2015

This is a revolutionary low-cost tool for side channel analysis research. It is now sold through NewAE Technology Inc, but remains a completely open-source tool!

OpenADC – June 2012


OpenADC is a high-speed (>105 MSPS, ~200 MHz analog BW) RF front-end for FPGA boards. It has a preamplifier for gain ranges from -11dB to 65dB which can be controlled from the FPGA. Variable VREF on the ADC & optional transformer-coupling for maximum analog BW. Full source, python & MATLAB interfaces round off the project.

SDRRF – 2011

ImagePlatform for experimenting with Software Defined Radio or communications algorithsm. FPGA+DDR2+ADC+DAC+USB.



Dime Compass – June 2011

ImageDigital Compass, based on HMC5883L. Tiny 1 inch square, with option to pop-out mountable compass smaller than a dime.



GPS Locked Frequency Standard – Dec 2007


10 MHz GPS Locked Frequency Standard. No expensive parts – uses a innovative ovenized crystal design instead of purchasing one.



Snapper – May 2008

ImageCamera flash controller based on low-cost Atmel Butterfly. Allows capture of high-speed events sync’d to various events (sound, switch, water).



IMU – 2006

ImageSmall inertial measurement unit, built with an AVR, a 3-axis accelerometer, and 3 single-axis gyros.



Eagle in a Rack – May 2004

ImageVideo tracker which runs in real-time to track objects in live video. Uses a single FPGA running at the video pixel rate, no high-speed logic needed.


Drivesafe – October 2003

ImageProof of concept for a vehicle saftey device to detect erratic driving. Senses movement with accelerometers.



STANN Robot – May 2003

ImageRobotic platform for development of neural networks. Includes backplane which boards can be plugged into, ultrasonic rangfinder, colour detection camera.


Fain Failure Detector – June 2003

ImageFan failure detector. Uses cheap NTC sensor as flow sensor by heating it up and detecting temperature loss due to airflow over it.



Hovercraft – May 2002

ImageHovercraft which uses a neural network to control it’s movement. Allows autonomous operation with a single ultrasonic rangefinder.

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