Danni Build – Feb 11/23

  • Hours: 8
  • Parts complete: 1 (lateral support), 2 (cylinder support), 3 (frame base)
Test assembly of three parts built today. The parts come pre-milled, so this was mostly time spent getting setup.

Start of build. Lots of marking & drilling of items, which was done on a milling machine with DRO. Having the DRO read-out is useful here rather than marking pieces I found. I had mounted cheap iGaging DROs to a small X2 mini-mill, there is a YouTube Video of how I did this. Here is drilling some holes in part 1:

There is a mention in the instructions of making a bushing when making part 3 (frame base) to center it. The instructions say to drill a 7.1mm hole, but that will be too large. Instead measure the actual cross diameter of the piece & drill a hole slightly smaller than this. I used a 3/8 stock drilled with a H bit (G would have been better I think, as I had to clamp it a little ‘too much’):