Embedded Security

My most recent research is involved in embedded security, specifically side-channel analysis and glitching attacks. You can see some of my publications listed from the Publications page.

I’m mostly know for starting the ChipWhisperer project, which I’ve talked about since 2013 when I gate a talk on low-cost power analysis techniques. ChipWhisperer has been widely used in the research (both academic & industrial) community – you can see a few hundred Google Scholar hits for example which is a good way to find papers using it.

I’ve been involved in a few specific research results as well, they are listed on the presentations page but a few more prominent ones:

Low-Power Wireless

Previously I was fairly heavily involved in low-power wireless protocols, specifically IPv6 over low-power networks such as 6LoWPAN. Some of the results of my involvement in that were:

  • Zigbee-IP Protocol development
  • uIPv6 – World’s first small IPv6 stack (collaboration with many others)
  • FIP – My Flexible IPv6 Stack
  • Development of Wireshark dissectors for various protocols
  • 6LoWPAN Sniffer & Packet Injector device (15dot4-tools)

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  1. Hello,

    I’m not sure if you’re active on here at all but if you are, I am currently working on a project with BLE, wireless connection and other components to power and control a light + LCD screen. I know pretty much nothing about electronics and was wondering if you would help me out.

    Kind regards

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