FIP – The Flexible IP(v6) Stack

I’m still working on finishing uploading & setting up documentation, but I’ve finally put some of a new IPv6 stack online.

It’s designed to fit in a variety of applications, including WSN where you might have anything from tiny 8-bit microcontrollers to full-blown ARM devices deployed. It’s currently not completely usable, but hopefully that will change soon with the upload of a complete example. As well some work by colleagues of mine will show it running as a more complete network, but that will be released as a separate project I think.

See the SourceForge project (with code) at, and the Doxygen documentation at

Addition of IMU / MLX90609 Code

An old project from 2006 was finally uploaded, an IMU using 3 rate gyros & a 3-axis accelerometer. May upload more documentation eventually, but for now all the source is uploaded. Includes using the MLX90609 gyro & LIS3LV02DQ accelerometer.

See ProjectIMU

Updated 15dot4-tools

The radiotools for 15dot4-tools has been released. This provides a method of recording/playing back specific 802.15.4 packets.

Also site news: added comments on most pages, so if you see issues/improvements feel free to let me know.

Articles Posted

As you may have noticed, some small changes to the site! Including this new blog as the main page I’m testing.

The ‘articles’ section of the site has finally been uploaded. This also includes my new article in this August’s Circuit Cellar.

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